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Camilla kids get IDs

September 7, 2002
By Elaine Armstrong

Camilla- Safety was the word of the day in Camilla where Mitchell Electric Membership Corporation held its Child Identification Clinic.

"We thought with everything that's going on now with the kidnappings and 9-11approaching we just thought that this would be timely," explains Mitchell EMC employee Evera Moye.

Pelham police department and Mitchell County sheriff's department fingerprinted the children. "I makes me feel great. I only had one child, so I love everybody's children. They call me auntie. No matter what race they are I'm their aunt," she says.

Along with the prints the ID cards include a picture and important information like addresses and phone numbers. All things these parents hope will keep their children safe.

"If something was to happen or they were to identify his body or find him at another place, I do have something to look back on and they can compare evidence," adds parent Annie Drakes.

Parents should renew their child's I-D cards each year and keep contact information up to date.

Posted at 4:50 PM by Elaine Armstrong

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