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Grady County Sheriff's race could be a close one

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

October 29, 2008

CAIRO, GA (WALB) - A big election in Grady County where the Sheriff is fighting to keep his job. And this race is a re-match of a race four years ago.

Their signs are all over Grady County. Sheriff Harry Young and businessman Earl Stuckey are approaching the final days of a very long campaign.

"I feel good about it," says Sheriff Young.

"I feel good about the race," says Earl Stuckey.

But this isn't their first time running against each other. In the 2004 election Young and Stuckey were both on the democratic ticket. Young beat Stuckey in the primary.

"I'm running the Republican ticket this time so people can have a choice in the general election to vote for the man and not the party," says Stuckey.

This year both men bring different experiences to the table. Sheriff Young has over 20 years of law enforcement under his belt. Stuckey's a businessman owning a construction company for the past 28 years.

"I think the business background is a big portion. Being able to control the budget, being able to look after taxpayers Money, cut out waste," says Stuckey.

"This is not a business, it's a law enforcement agency. Sure you have to make business decisions, but number one it's a law enforcement agency where you have to protect the people in this county," says Sheriff Young.

People who today at the polls had mixed opinions on who they think will pull through on Nov. 4th.

"I think it's going to be a close race," says one voter.

"Harry Young, he's done a fairly decent job in Cairo. I don't think the race is going to be close, I think he'll win by a long shot," says another.

"I voted for Earl Stuckey and I think he has a chance to win this election," says one more voter.

Only time will tell who will fill the role of Sheriff next year. But Wednesday voters got in line, to make their vote count in a close race.

Both candidates did have one thing in common. They say they want to make sure the county hires more deputies for a department that's currently understaffed. Feedback

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