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Grand Jury condemns drugs, violence, youth crime

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By Jim Wallace - bio | email

October 29, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Dougherty Grand Jury says it is very concerned about drugs, domestic violence, and crimes committed by children in this community.

The Grand Jury recommended more counseling and recreation facilities for young people, to stop them committing crime.

The Albany Dougherty Drug Unit showed Grand Jurors cocaine and Meth, and how younger kids are involved in drug activities and violent crime in Albany. 

Grand Jury Foreman Rashan Trent said, "They get a quick high, they want to rob, they want to go kill. It's ridiculous with the robbery, it's ridiculous with the burglary. It's just ridiculous."

In its presentments the Dougherty Grand Jury recommended city leaders step up the fight against drugs and young criminals, by establishing a countywide curfew to prevent younger children from being on the streets at night.

They'd like more educational and recreational programs for children, to direct parents and guardians to see family counselors to protect young children, and prevent domestic violence. 

Trent said "It starts off in the home. The parents are not disciplining the children, and that's where a lot of it is coming from."

Grand Juror Susan David said, "A lot of these things need to be addressed, and some counseling available. Because I don't think that jail will solve the problems within these families."

The Grand Jurors called on city leaders to remove dilapidated buildings to curtail drug activity, enforce the noise ordinance, especially loud music from cars, and stiffer penalties for people who cause traffic crashes while using a cell phone.

The Grand Jurors said they want more police officers on the street, so they recommended an increase in funding for Police in the city and county, to combat crime. And that those officers themselves be held to higher standards.  

The Grand Jury members recommended the county set up the new 311 phone service to direct non emergency calls away from the 911 center, and that the Ray Charles Memorial be repaired and put in operation.