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Accused rapist in runoff for re-election

September 6, 2002

Crisp County voters meet Willie J. Patrick, district one, post two incumbent commissioner. The same day voters also meet Arthur James Nance, also on the ballot with the title district one, post two incumbent commissioner.

Patrick took over for Nance in April when Nance was removed from office, amidst charges he raped an 18-year old in September.

"I don't believe that, James always tried to help community," voter Sabrina Dennard said.

Despite some obvious needs in the community, the thing everyone seems to be talking about is Nance's rape indictment, everyone except for his opponent."

"None of my business really, when I ask people to vote, asking them to hire me to do the best I can do for the community," Patrick said.

225 people did vote for Patrick in the primary, but 294 voted for Nance.

"I'm extremely elated about that, continued to show support in community a lot of that's a testament of work done while serving as county commissioner," Nance said.

The work Nance would like to continue creating jobs, lowering taxes, and adding recreation for children.

"I want to take youth off the street and channel that energy positively with a rec.. center."

The retired Robins Air Force Base supervisor and current newspaperman's agenda is less clearly defined, though he too sees a lack of jobs and recreation as a problem.

"If you have a problem, it sets my agenda," Patrick said.

Each candidate now urging voters to return to the polls on Tuesday. With no Republican opposition, this runoff will determine the next commissioner. However if Nance is unsuccessful in his re-election bid, he could still return to office sometime this year, if his legal matters are resolved. So far no court date has been set.

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