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Sumter students voice their choice

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

October 28, 2008

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - For a moment the future of our country was in their hands. Eighth graders at Sumter Middle clicked and scrolled through an example of what thousands of Americans will see on November 4th.

"I want them to know that their vote counts, and that their opinion matters," said Mock Election Coordinator, Shirley Waymon. 

"It's important because we the citizens, we elect who will represent us. And we are essentially voices in government," said Social Studies teacher, Miles Wilson.

This mock election is being conducted all across the country. And it's not just for the students. "It's an online program. It's all online," said Waymon.

"It was real easy. With the click of the button it moves you right along. Actually that was much easier than going in the booth," said mother, Pamela Dominick.

Dominick voted with her daughter Lauren to reinforce the importance of going out to the polls. "With the war in Iraq, and our economy is real bad right now, it's important that we choose the right candidate who will do the right thing for us," said Dominick.

For weeks it's been all about politics for these students with assignments that included watching the debates. "We filled out a voter registration card. We've talked about the candidates and explained political parties and the issues," said Wilson.

And like the rest of the country they are concerned about the economy. "The prices of gas, and education, the students ability to learn in school," said Krystal Hunter.

"The economy and Wall Street, and how it is not doing as good as it used to," said Alana Kendrick. But teachers and parents in Sumter County schools want students to know that this vote is their chance to do something about it.

The National Mock election will come to a close Wednesday. The results from each of the schools that participated will be publicized as well as a nationwide result.


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