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East Albany dog found hanging

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

October 28, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A Dougherty County woman found her dog hanging by its collar from a fence.  The pet owner says she thinks kids killed her seven month old female pit bull.

Police are investigating the dog death, and Investigators say they are not sure if the dog accidentally hanged itself on the fence, or if someone killed it in a horrible case of animal cruelty.

The owner and neighbors think kids, as young as ten years old, killed the puppy. And they are frightened.

Melissa Harp told Police she found her puppy hanging by it's collar from the fence by its pen behind her home on Imperial Street Monday night. Harp told her neighbor and fellow dog lover that she thought the dog was killed on purpose.

Neighbor Candice Burgess said "It's horrible. It's just disgusting that someone in my neighborhood thinks they need to go and hang a dog."

Harp said Monday morning kids had been bothering her dogs.

Burgess said "She said earlier that morning she had caught the children throwing rocks at her dog. Her other dog had chased them down the street."

Burgess said she and Harp had been having trouble with neighborhood kids throwing rocks at their dogs, kids about ten years old. Last night Harp returned home from work and found the dog hanging dead from the fence.

Burgess said "They had taken the dog's collar and pinned the collar to the fence so it hung and suffocated on the fence."

Harp did not want to go on camera with us, but told Police that her daughter saw three kids running from their yard earlier Monday. Burgess said Harp thought the kids killed the puppy in retaliation for her other dog chasing them off.

Police say they are still investigating, and that it could have been an accident.

Burgess doesn't think so, and is protecting her dogs. "Oh, yea, I'm very worried about mine. I may even keep them inside tonight."

Dougherty County Police say Harp tooked her pet down from the fence and to her house before calling them, and that left them very little evidence to work with, but they will continue to investigate the report.

Albany Humane Society officials say Harp's dogs have been brought to their shelter in recent months as bite risks, and don't describe them as gentle as Harp and Burgess say.

But Humane Officials say they will also keep tabs on the investigation into the dog's death.


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