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Cook County Jail agrees to house Gwinnett inmates

September 5, 2002

Adel - Many Gwinnett County inmates will soon find a home here at the Cook County Jail.

"They're facing a problem that being faced in many counties around Georgia," said Captain Colin Millison. "They're just out of space and hunting places to put folks."

Unlike most county jails in Georgia, the Cook County jail is nowhere near capacity. With only half their beds occupied, Gwinnett county law enforcement finds Cook County an ideal solution to their problem.

"We have 108 beds at this facility, but we currently are only housing about 54 inmates," said Millison.

In a contract signed by Cook County commissioners and Sheriff Charlie Bryant this week, the Cook County Jail agreed to fill their open cells with inmates from Gwinnett County.

"We can accommodate Gwinnett comfortably," said Millison. "We have room to house about 30 to 35 of their inmates."

Gwinnett County will pay the jail $45 per day for each inmate housed. Cook county law enforcement welcomes the agreement and say it will have a great economic impact on the county.

"The empty beds are being filled and bringing in an income that you wouldn't have otherwise," said Millison.

Cook county law officials aren't sure yet how many inmates will be sent, or when they might send them. But they are ready and willing to help Gwinnett, and any other counties who may need assistance.

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