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Visitors flock to Flint Riverquarium Aviary

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

October 25, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Visitors take nature head on under yards of netting in a 35-foot-high enclosure. "You sit here and I'm just in awe," said Whit Duskin from Dawson.

"I like a lot of birds and their colors and stuff," said six-year-old David Harden. Some of the birds are easier to find. Others are easily overlooked. "It's amazing if you just sit here and try counting the number of birds in here and outside. Just open your eyes and look. Nature is wonderful," said Duskin.

There are about 35 birds in the aviary that all came from rehabilitation centers. "All the birds that you see are non-releasable in some way. So they have minor injuries that don't prevent them from being in here, but they couldn't survive in the wild," said Aviculturist, Amanda Mangraves.

Regardless of the netting, the setting in the aviary is pretty realistic. "The aviary is outdoors and the birds are subjected to all the things they would be in the wild. We also use all local plants and trees so everything out here you would also see in your own back yard," said Mangraves.

But nothing stands between them and you. "If they were out in the wild they could definitely get themselves into trouble, but here they are safe and they love to interact with the guest," said Mangraves.

"Birds are really cool because they can fly. And they have these beaks," said five-year-old Charles Peeler.

"It's just peaceful and restful and the kids seem to be having a good time too," said Duskin. As they all get a closer look at some of the birds they may have seen a thousand times hidden in the brush of their neighborhoods.

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