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Free christian rock concert in SWGA

September 4, 2002

An idea thought up in bible study will turn into a rocking reality. A group of South Georgia young adults started a production company called "Turnaround".

After hours of fundraising and planning, their first big project is only a few days away. "Turnaround" is inviting you to a live outdoor concert with a rising Christian Rock Group.

On Friday, South Georgia fans won't have to listen to "According to John" on a CD. The rising Christian Rock group will be live at Reed Bingham State Park in Cook County. "Turnaround" Founder, Karrie Powell says, "They play some slow songs, but then they have a lot of songs that can relate to teenagers and stuff."

18-year-old Powell and her friends started "Turnaround". 21-year-old Scott Rutland explains, "You can't go through life ignoring GOD, you have to turn around to HIM."

Bringing the Christian Rock Group to Southwest Georgia was their first major event. Rutland says, "It's amazing! I couldn't believe they were actually gonna come down. Pretty cool to me."

"Turnaround" hopes the music gets a message to listeners, but they also sport T-shirts with a meaning, "Get Right or Get Left". Powell says, "Gotta get right with GOD or you're gonna get left behind."

Once the live concert with "According to John" is over, Powell and her friends will "Turnaround" and plan another event.

The concert is free, but parking is not. The concert is Friday night at eight at Reed Bingham State Park in Cook County.

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