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McDonald's fried foods to get healthier

September 4, 2002

McDonald's is trying to take the guilt out of eating fast food. The world-wide restaurant chain is changing the oil it uses to fry chicken nuggets, fish filets, and even those famous French fries.

But don't think you can now eat all the french fries you want without paying the price.

You wish you didn't, but the fact is most of us love eating fast food. Those crispy fries and juicy sandwiches. But when your drive through the Golden Arches, you can't help but worry how those fried treats are hurting your health.

"The oil McDonald's uses now increases your chance of heart problems and raises your cholesterol," said Nurse Sandra Breedlove. McDonald's is trying to make it's menu healthier.

The restaurant is changing its cooking oil, to one with half the amount of trans fatty acids. "It's good to see a fast food restaurant trying to make food healthier," said customer Jacob Hammon. "Before now, Subway was my only healthy option for fast food."

Nurse and Nutrition expert Sandra Breedlove says the oil change is a step in the right direction, but remember fried foods are still fried foods.

"Canola oil is the best oil to use when cooking, but frying food is not the best option. You should always choose baked or broiled food," said Breedlove.

McDonald's promises the new cooking oil won't change the taste. After all they love to see you smile. Sandra Breedlove says when you eat fast food, you shouldn't upsize your meal. Moderation is still the key to staying healthy.

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