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Run off election for District 3 School Board

September 4, 2002

-Albany- Voter turnout will be a key factor in the run-off election next week for the Dougherty County District 3 School Board seat. Both Dorothy Hubbard and Willie Weaver know getting their voters back to the polls September 10th will decide the winner in the run off.

Knocking on doors and urging people in District 3 in East and Central Albany to take the time to vote next Wednesday. Dorothy Hubbard and Willie Weaver are facing off in a runoff to see who will sit on the Dougherty County School Board. District 3 was represented by Christine Blaylock, who died earlier this year. Attorney and Municipal Court Judge Weaver says Blaylock was a good friend and inspired him to make his first run at political office.

Willie Weaver says his legal experience will help him bring discipline to schools. "If they look at what I do everyday, they will know I go to work, and don't stop till the jobs done."

This is also Dorothy Hubbard's first political race. A 30-year educator, who retired as the Director of Admissions at Albany State University two years ago, Ms. Hubbard says she wants to improve Dougherty County schools. "To improve communication among the teachers, students, and parents. Also to look at the assesment, meaning to look at test results and try to work on assesed weaknesses and work on the weaknesses the students have."

 Dorothy Hubbard says because she is retired, she will have more time to devote to the school board. Willie Weaver says his court schedule will give him the time needed to serve Dougherty County and it's schools.

Weaver said "I'm already physically fit, already working, and I'd like to continue that."

The run-off election will be held September 10th. In the August Primary election, Willie Weaver won the most votes in the 3-person race, with 800 votes. Dorothy Hubbard finished second with 615 votes. There is no opposition, so the winner of the runoff earns the school board seat.

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