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Warwick keeps radar despite reprimand

September 3, 2002

Warwick- Gene Anderson got a ticket from Warwick police officer Michael Lee earlier this year for speeding on Highway 300. But when he noticed the car that clocked him was sitting South of the city limits, he filed a complaint with the State Patrol.

Their investigation uncovered the police officer had done the same things to many unsuspecting drivers. Albany's GSP post commander told investigators he and his troopers had often seen the Warwick police officer citing people outside the city limits where the speed limit drops to 45.

Sedric Carithers, Warwick Police Chief, said, "Many people complain it's a speed trap, but it's visibly out there, there's a caution light but people still come though here at a high rate of speed."

The State Patrol decided to let Warwick keep its speed detection license, since the police department resolved the matter on its own, firing Lee. The chief says officers are also asked to check the radar guns for accuracy at the beginning and end of each shift.

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