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Smithville Chokee run-off close race

September 3, 2002

Lee County-- The only black commissioner in Lee County is in a close run-off for his seat.

James Mays is serving his second term as the Smithville-Chokee Commissioner. Mays got 27 percent of the vote in the Democrat primary, less than his opponent Jackie Sizemore, who earned 29 percent.

Sizemore says the district has not had a strong voice on the commission. "Not to be critical of Mr. Mays, I like him, he's just been ineffective. He needs to make a stronger stand to get what we need."

Mays says he has been one of the most effective commissioners for the district. He says he has fought to get work done in Smithville-Chokee, like getting several dirt roads on the paving list. He says its a challenge since much of the tax money goes to Southern Lee County.

Incumbent James Mays says, "In fact we have commissioners proceeding me that were not effective for our area. Just asking for it, requesting it, demanding it doesn't mean you get it."

There is no Republican opposition. The run-off is September 10th.

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