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District 137 Candidates point fingers at each other

September 3, 2002

Lee County-- If you're wondering about the issues in the House Seat 137 runoff, they aren't being talked about. It's two candidates focused of making each other look bad. Darrel Ealum and Ed Rynders both complain about negative campaigns, but both have spent money attacking the other's character and credibility.

This is the latest Darrel Ealum political ad that you'll begin seeing Wednesday. His opponent, Ed Rynders, says it's the worst kind of mudslinging. The commercial says, "Ed has been slinging mud all over town. Would you really want to vote for an 80-year-old woman? What was that Ed? Would you really want to vote for an 80-year-old woman? Sounds like mud slinging to me-- does it sound like it to you?"

But Rynders says his comments were taken out of context. He says he was citing a poll that Ealum's campaign conducted, asking voters if they would vote for an 80-year-old woman. Rynders says, "He's taking one question and implying that I'd say 'do you want an 80-year-old to represent you?' That's garbage to me."

Ealum says he did conduct a poll, but can't remember if that specific question was asked. Ealum says, "I don't recall what we asked. It wasn't a slanderous question." Ealum says Rynders is desperate now that several prominent Lee Countians, including Ida Chambers, are backing him. Rynders says the latest commercials fall under the category of negative campaigning because they are untrue.

Rynders is also accusing Darrel Ealum of political flip-flopping by publicly supporting the Georgia state flag change while privately telling people he is against it. Ealum says his position has always been to let the people decide with a referendum.

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