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Steer clear of deer danger

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By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

October 19, 2008

DOUGHERTY COUNTY, GA (WALB) - Many of you see them grazing on the side of roads hoping they won't leap into your path. "A lot of times a car will startle them and cause them to run across the roads," said Parks at Chehaw Curator, Jan Thompson.

And according to a release from State Farm Insurance, you have a one in 198 chance of hitting a deer in Georgia. "They are moving around more. The bucks are becoming more territorial. They are starting to chase each other around, fighting. And it will progress as mating season heightens," said Thompson.

Drivers need to watch out for more than just the one they see right away. "The doe often times travel in groups, so there may be two or three more right behind her. You got to be aware of that too," said Thompson.

Experts say your best defense against collision with a deer is your speed. "The best thing to do is keep your speed down. This time of year I do not travel Phelima road after dark going more than 45 miles-per-hour," said Thompson.

Deer are more active from dusk until dawn. And with the days getting shorter, drivers have a greater chance of encountering them. "This time of year, it stays dark later. So you are also getting out on the roads when they are still moving around and active. So you really need to be careful," said Thompson.

Drivers need to be cautious to keep a deer collision from becoming a disaster. The deer population in Georgia exceeds one-point-two million. Deer hunting season started this weekend, and it will help keep control of the population.