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APD won't charge cops for car use

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

October 17, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Police Officers in one Georgia city are now having to pay the city part of the money they earn from side jobs if they use their patrol cars. It's an effort to cut down on gas and equipment costs to taxpayers.

The Albany Police Department says it has no intention to charge its officers for doing side jobs that may actually contribute to the safety of the community.

Alpharetta officers must pay the city 10% of the pay they earn from extra duty jobs if they use city equipment and fuel.

APD Spokesperson Phyllis Banks says the Albany Police Department doesn't plan to follow suit. "Use of a vehicle is permitted for part time work with the understanding that emergency calls are top priority."

Banks says the department has already implemented policies to cut down on fuel and maintenance costs. "No idling of cars, don't leave you're car running. That's going to assist in conserving fuel."

Plus, she says it's a benefit for the city to have officers working in security related jobs, adding visibility and deterring crime.

"It is a great crime prevention measure when you see that uniform officer as well as his vehicle parked outside of his business doing security. It allows people to feel much safer."

Officers in Alpharetta, where the policy is taking place, are speaking out against the fee, saying it amounts to a tax on law enforcement.


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