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Labor Day Blood Drive

September 2, 2002

Albany - The latest news of a Georgia organ donor spreading The West Nile virus to transplant recipients is not scaring South Georgians away from giving blood.

The Georgia woman donated both kidneys, her heart and her liver. One recipient died from West Nile. The man who got her heart has now been diagnosed with West Nile, and two other recipients of her organs are showing symptoms of the virus.

Still, people came out to give blood at the Labor Day Blood Drive in Albany today. Both O and B-blood types are in short supply in Georgia. And with holiday traffic accidents comes the need for more blood.

"I know it's important to give blood. I try to come out every holiday, because that's when the need for blood increases," said donor Malcolm Travers.

No tests exist to screen blood for West Nile, but the Red Cross is turning away anyone showing flu-like symptoms.

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