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Laboring on Labor Day

September 2, 2002

Albany - Labor Day is no vacation for the thousands of South Georgians who had to work. Many businesses were open Monday, like restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations. But, we found smiles on the faces of some employees who don't mind working on a holiday designed to give most Americans the day off.

Kofi Jenkins was bagging groceries, while most people were grilling out or enjoying a day at the lake. For Kofi and the other employees at Bruno's, Labor Day was anything but labor-free.

"We had a rush of shoppers this morning, and I was the only person bagging groceries. It has been a hectic day," said Jenkins. Soon-to-be grillers, buying steaks and potato chips, kept the grocery store employees busy.

Bruno's operates with a smaller staff on holidays. But Kofi still greets customers with a smile, knowing in just a few hours he starts his holiday fun too."My neighbor is grilling some steaks tonight. I am going over to his house as soon as I get off."

Of course the doors are never locked at the Waffle House. The waitresses scatter to their tables, and the cooks cover and smother 24-7, 365 days a year. So, it's just another normal day at the Waffle house.

"I don't mind working because we get good tips on the holidays," said waitress Ashley Davis. There is some good news for the folks at the Waffle House working on Labor Day. The holiday schedule rotates, so they'll probably have the next holiday off.

Many Americans are just happy to have a job this Labor Day.  Unemployment is at 5.9%, a seven-year high. And few new jobs are expected as the economy teeters between recovery and recession.

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