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West Nile won't ruin holiday

September 2, 2002

Tifton- The Mantica and Newberry families are enjoying Labor Day at the Georgia Agrirama County Fair.

They aren't letting mosquitoes interfere with their plans. Melinda Newberry says she makes sure her kids wear the proper mosquito protectant, and she makes sure they don't participate in outdoor activities at night, when mosquitoes are prevalent.

Both families say this is not their first visit to the Agrirama. They say each time they come, they learn something more.

On Monday, the kids got a chance to pet horses, go inside an old church and participate in the three-legged race.

In the midst of all the fun, the West Nile virus was not a concern to them. Many other families at the Agrirama agree with the Sampsons and the Deans.

They say nothing will ruin their Labor Day holiday for them. They say as long as they wear the proper mosquito repellant, they are doing all they can do protect themselves from getting the West Nile Virus.

Health officials are warning you to wear mosquito repellant as you enjoy the Labor day holiday.

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