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Unemployment up Again

Carolyn Green is looking for a job Carolyn Green is looking for a job

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

October 16, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - There's more bad news on the job front. Unemployment rates are the highest they've been in Georgia in 16 years.

Albany has lost a thousand jobs in the past year. Most of those losses came in the retail and trucking industries.

 But that doesn't mean there aren't jobs available.

Carolyn Green is a proud woman. Too proud to lose her home. She said, "That's a hard thing to think about, being put in the street, or whatever, so finding a job is essential for me right now."

A few months ago, Carolyn was a day care worker. Now she spends her days looking for work. "The day care that I worked at, had a drop in children, so they had to drop a person. I was the last one hired, first one fired."

She laughs now, but the reality hit her hard. "Oh, it felt terrible. It felt terrible, because I have a home and I could stand a chance of losing my home, so it felt very bad."

"It does become more difficult when you have economic times such as this," said Sheila Holland, who works with the department of labor. She says they've been busy filing unemployment claims, but they've also been active placing people in jobs.

"Orders are coming in and people are still looking for people to hire." Seasonal work is approaching. Holland says now is the time for people out of work to consider a temporary job. You never know where it could lead.

Holland said, "Temporary jobs, jobs that are seasonal, you never know when you take one of those jobs, you might be finding a job that you have been looking for all your life."

Or at least a job to get your life back on track. Carolyn believes it will happen for her. "Oh, I know. I got faith."

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