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Home invader shot as homeowner fights back

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

October 15, 2008



When the suspect broke into a home at the Pine Hill Mobile home park about 2:20 this morning... The owner shot him.

Now... Tift County investigators are trying to identify the suspect.

WALB News 10 Delivrine Registre has the story.



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[CG :NameYolanda Hill Resident]

< A foot print on the front door and bullet hole through the entrance of A-18 are the only signs of the early morning home invasion.

Tift county deputies were called to the Pine Hill mobile home park off Highway 125 after 33-year-old John Henry Howard Junior shot a man he said broke into his home.

21-year-old Kelly Marie Lipsey was also in there when the shooting happened after two Wednesday morning.

19:46:11 That was about the time that it happened to me.

Yolanda Hill also lives in the park and had her home broken into about a year ago.

19:45:18 They stole jewelry, they stole electronics just anything that they could hold in thier hand. They broke into the front window and they just got whatever.

And now she pays family and friends to stay in her home when she is not there to keep it from happening again.

19:45:52 I pay my niece 50 dollars for gas or in exchange for babysitting. Just simple little things, but you still have to do it just to protect the little you do have.

Hill has lived in the mobile park for about 12 years and says burglaries have really picked up in the last year. Hill says it was only a matter of time before someone got shot.

19:46:31 That's what you need to do because they stole my gun and I had to get another gun and if it happens here the same thing is going to happen again.

19:49:10 It's not just here, everytime you look in the paper somebody's home has been broken into.

Hill says with so much crime in the area... it's the only way to send criminals the message.


Investigators are running the man's fingerprints through their system hoping to find out who he is.

The home owners have not facing any charges at this time.


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