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Police not surprised 15 year olds caught burglarizing Dougherty home

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

October 14, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Dougherty County Police say they are not shocked that three 15 year old boys are caught burglarizing a home. They say it's something they are seeing more of.

Two 15 year old Dougherty County teenagers are under arrest, and a third teen is being sought,  after they used their fall break day off from school to burglarize a home.

But what they didn't know was the woman who lived there was at home when they broke in.

This is the house on Newcomb Road that three 15 year old boys decided to burglarize just before two Monday afternoon. Two were students at Radium Middle, another at Dougherty High out of school on fall break.

Dougherty County Police Captain Jimmy Sexton said "I don't believe they knew the homeowner was home. They just were knocking on the door to see if someone was there. When no one responded, they kicked in the door."

41 year old Shawlene Smith told Police she was suspicious when she saw the boys, and did not answer. When they broke in, she hid.

Sexton said "She went to a back bathroom, locked herself in the bathroom, and called 9-1-1. And gave them all the necessary information to our officers who were responding."

The teens never knew Smith was there while they ransacked the house, stealing clothing, a bottle of change, and a shotgun. Police arrived quickly and caught two teens running from the house. The third got away, but the other two gave Police his name. The three all lived close by.

Sexton said "It's not shocking, it's a trend. It's disturbing that we've got youngsters who are brazen enough to do this, but it's not unusual."

Because they took the shotgun, the teens are charged with burglary and possesion of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Dougherty County Police are still looking for the third teen. The two under arrest are being held at the Youth Detention Center.


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