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Kids tackle words by the million

August 30, 2002

Albany- Jackson Heights Elementary School students have a big reading goal. Every student is going to try to read one million words this year.

Two-dozen students from Jackson Heights Elementary and their parents went to the Dougherty County Central Library, to enjoy reading. Part of their 25-book campaign has each student with a goal of reading one million words this year.

Do you think you can read a million words? "Yes, because I like to read,"  said 3rd Grader Reginalia Ward. That's what teachers hope to emphasize to their students this year, that reading is fun. But they know it's also a key to their education.

Instructional Coach Donna Holmes said "In society, the better you read the better your succeed in life."

All the students got a chance to pick out books. The school wanted the students and parents to point out the library as a source of fun and learning for their futures. All the parents who did not have library cards signed up for them, and pledge to help their children to continue reading.

"So when I get in college, I can read, and I don't have to ask people what's this word," said 2nd Grader Machalia Baker.

The goal is one million words this year, one word at a time.

The South Georgia Waves baseball players also helped kick off Jackson Heights Elementary's reading campaign, reading to the students.

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