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Area baseball card sellers say cards are selling


Albany-Baseball cards are the top sellers, among other sports trading cards at J and J Comics.

Workers say baseball cards sell big year round, while other cards are seasonal.  They also say since the threat of a major league baseball strike came to an end, baseball card sales have not decreased.

William Fredrickson, a worker at JJ Comics and Books says,"Maybe it'll strike a little more interest in baseball."

 Frederickson says many of his customers haven't even thought about major league baseball because the upcoming football season is fresh on their mind.

He adds, "I think if they had of striked it would have been a lot harder than they expected."

Others say the possibility of the strike did not make sense.  Baseball fan, Ricky Burgess says, "I think it's ridiculous. I think it's just a situation where you have two greedy parties, the players and the owners."

 He says one thing is for sure.  Many baseball fans are breathing a sigh of relief as the announcement of no strike means their favorite past time is alive and well. 

 Card sellers also say they hope sales will pick up since the players decided not to go on strike.

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