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Mixed crowd on roads for holiday weekend

August 30, 2002

Dougherty County - The Labor Day holiday is going to be busier than before. Albany Traveler, Angela Miles, says, "I think it's gonna be crazy and everybody needs to be careful." High school and college football fans will be mixed in on the roads with vacationers.

The Labor Day holiday officially begins at six on Friday. Many high school football fans are heading all over South Georgia to see favorite teams play. Saturday, you'll see college flags waving on car windows.

Mixed in with sports fanatics are those who are anxious to get to the beach. For the Labor Day holiday, the Kilgo and Sloan families are going to the beach with seven kids. Shellie Kilgo says, "We're going to Panama City to get away from Albany for a little while."

It's their last summer vacation. Andy Kilgo explains, "Three day weekend, everybody gets to go... no one misses any school, so it works out for everybody."

The families are not hitting the road without kid distractions. Mrs. Kilgo says, "We've got the VCR ready and the TV. We're gonna let kids watch that."

An hour later, kids are buckled in and luggage is crammed in the back. It's been a hectic morning for both families, but they say it's well worth the trouble.

The Georgia State Patrol predicts 20 people will die on state roads from now until midnight Monday. Last year, 16 people died.

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