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Career centers are not just for the unemployed

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By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

October 13, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - As the state's unemployment rate continues to climb, career centers are working harder than ever to put people back to work. The Goodwill Career Center in Albany is seeing many new people who actually have jobs, but are worried they could lose them.

The sound of typing has become constant at the Goodwill Career center. "We average about 25 new customers who come through our doors everyday. As far as return customers we see anywhere from 40 to about 60," said Career Center Manager, Drenda Davis-Jackson.

And those numbers get higher and higher as more people have to look for work. "It's people who have lost their jobs. People who are looking to change careers. It's people who have been laid off," said Jackson.

But not everyone at the career center is unemployed. "Some of them are working, but things aren't looking good for the organization they are working for so they are making plans especially with the way the economy is and everyone downsizing," said Jackson.

And counselors are encouraging them as well as those without jobs to look outside of their current careers for jobs. "Think about the things you can do. What can you do? And to think about turning those things into positions."

Counselors are also encouraging people to go back to school in order to get into the job they do want. The Goodwill Career Center offers many resources to help people do this. "We actually have internet accessibility where they can search for jobs. We do have several resume programs that can help them realign, readjust their resumes."

Because though the job market looks grim, it is not impossible to find work. "It's not over. As long as you are living and breathing it's not over," said Jackson.

All of the services offered at the Goodwill career center are free to the public and are funded by the donations sold in the Goodwill store. The Goodwill career center is open Monday thru Wednesday from nine to five, Thursday from ten to seven, Friday from ten to four and Saturday from ten to two. They are closed on Sundays.