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South Georgia fans say a strike won't end their love

Albany-It's fan appreciation night at the South Georgia Waves game. But many of the people here say the strike threat shows major leaguers don't appreciate their fans.

Fan, Eric Stone says, "I don't think it a good idea they already make a lot of money." Major league players say it's not just about money for them because they're trying to help future major league players.

Some many fans don't agree. Mike Daugherty says, " I don't know that the bottom line is that they're trying to help out the minor leaguers. I still think it's all about money."

The Waves' General Manager, Gerry McKearney says this strike may hurt the popularity of major league baseball, but strikes of the past have helped minor leagues.

McKearney says, "The strike of 1994 that was the best year that minor league baseball had. More people went to minor league games than any year in minor league history."

One thing's for sure, some fans say strike or no strike, their love of the game will never end. Even if the major league parks are locked up, you can take them out to a minor league park anytime.

The decision on whether the strike will occur is expected to be released on Friday.

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