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Georgia, Florida officers kick off "Hands Across the Border"

August 29, 2002
by Ashley Harper

Lake Park - The Georgia Office of Highway Safety predicts a grim weekend for highway travelers.

"We'll lose 20 people during the Labor Day Holiday," said Ricky Rich, Deputy Director of Georgia's Highway Safety Office.

But with the combined efforts of Georgia and Florida highway patrols, those statistics will hopefully be reduced.

For the 11th straight year, the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety and Georgia and Florida law enforcement are making a border to border pledge to keep highway travelers safe.

"If you leave Florida and go into Georgia, we're still going to be there watching as a combined effort all weekend long," said Jamie Sullivan, Georgia State Patrol.

Nearly 100 law enforcement officers gathered at the Georgia-Florida border today, making a pact to enforce a zero tolerance for all traffic violations.

"We're not going to tolerate safety belt violations, speeding, drinking and driving, or any other traffic violations," said Rich. "We intend to save lives this holiday season."

Highway patrols urge motorists to be extra cautious this holiday weekend, not only to avoid the predicted accidents, but also to avoid steep fines and potential jail time.

"We don't give warnings for driving under the influence," said Sullivan. "If you are caught over the legal limit, you will be arrested."

Georgia and Florida law enforcement agree the best thing motorists can do to help avoid the grim statistics is allow ample time to reach their destination, obey the posted speed limit, don't drink and drive, and make sure everyone in the vehicle is properly restrained.

posted at 3:30pm by Ashley Harper

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