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Oxendine: Tax payers are boss

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

October 8, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner and gubernatorial candidate John Oxendine says state government employees need to learn they are not the most important part of Georgia, and need to do more to serve the people of the state.

Oxendine criticized state agencies for not doing more to save gasoline while it was in short supply in recent weeks. 

Oxendine ordered the majority of his department's workers to telecommute work from home during the gas crisis, but said most other state agencies refused to do it. 

Oxendine said too many state employees forget the tax payer should be the boss.

"Once we get that mindset, we can find long term solutions to education, to water, to transportation.  We can fix the problems, but we have to fix ourselves first.  Government is broken," said Oxendine.

Oxendine has declared his intention to run for Governor as a Republican.  Lt. Governor Casey Cagle and former Georgian National Guard Commander  David Poythress have also declared their candidacy for the 2010 election.


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