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An interesting twist to a Habitat House

August 28, 2002

Decatur County - Sheriff deputies in Decatur County have replaced their gun belts with tool belts to help build a Habitat for Humanity House. But this story has an interesting twist.

The house the deputies are working on belongs to a man who's wife was killed last year. Investigators are looking for suspects at the same time they're building a home for the victim's family.

A house in Decatur County is being dedicated to 29-year-old Wendy Bryan. Bryan was killed during an attempted armed robbery in Bainbridge a year ago. She left behind her husband, Michael, and two children, Aaron and Ansley. Habitat for Humanity is giving them a new home. Mr. Bryan says, "Somewhere to raise my kids since their mother past away. It's pretty much up to me to make sure they have something in life."

The Decatur County Sheriff's office asked to help with a Habitat House. They were set-up with Michael Bryan, a man they knew all to well.  They are investigating the murder of his wife. Sheriff Wiley Griffin says, "It was amazing, it really was."

Wendy was shot and killed inside The Winery on July 20th 2001. Another coincidence? Exactly one year to the day, building started on the Habitat House. Mr. Bryan says, "It was weird the way it worked out that way."

Sheriff deputies and investigators are pulling double duty to build a house and nail a suspect. Sheriff Griffin explains, "They wore ski masks and gloves. Not much of a description. We need help to solve this murder."

Until then, Mr. Bryan and his kids will continue to keep their heads up and build toward a future.

Investigators are looking for two, possibly three men. They were wearing ski masks and gloves. They left a blue steel .22-caliber hand gun near the Winery. There's a 10,000 dollar reward in the case.

If you have any information, call the Decatur County Sheriff's Office.

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