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Man stabbed to death, police can't identify body

August 28, 2002

Bainbridge - Police are still trying to identify a Hispanic man who was stabbed to death over the weekend. Investigators say language barriers and little evidence are to blame.

On Saturday, a migrant worker was found dead in a boarding house on Planter Street in Bainbridge. He was stabbed five times.

The man is 5'1, 137 pounds and in his late twenties or early thirties. Investigators say the man's fingerprints did not lead to any clues. Chief Investigator, Robert Humphrey, explains, "Identified only three prints of 10, ran those and have not had any good results with that. At this point, looking into other avenues to identify the victim."

Investigators will turn to the Mexican Council to see if they have any missing persons who match the man.

GBI agents and INIS officials are also assisting with translators.

Police do not have any suspects.

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