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Robert Cross cafeteria ready

August 28, 2002

Albany- It's back to regular school lunch menus next week for the students at Robert Cross Middle School. Wednesday morning inspectors approved the school's cafeteria, and next Tuesday they will begin to prepare school lunches on site.

The cafeteria was not ready when school started 3 weeks ago, so the 550 students have had lunches catered by restaurants like Chick-Fil-A and Sonic. Wednesday, the students had Barbecue Sandwiches from White's Barbecue.

Principal Holly Thursby said most students have enjoyed the menu. "Probably a lot of mixed feelings there, with back to their regular school food, as compared to what they call fast food now."

While they have enjoyed the change, some students say they are ready for their regular school lunch. Sixth grader Casey Wesselman said "Yea, it's been getting a bit boring. The regular school food will be back Tuesday, is that ok with you? Yea."

The Robert Cross Middle School had to wait for all their kitchen equipment and hot water system to be installed and inspected, before they could begin making lunches. Tuesday the cafeteria will begin serving approximately 500 school lunches everyday.

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