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Click it or ticket

August 27, 2002

Lee County- Troopers with the Georgia State Patrol stop drivers on Palmyra Road and Fussell Road Tuesday morning.

"Can I check your car seat?" Trooper Gary Parker asks a motorist.

It's part of an intensive campaign statewide to make sure drivers and their passengers are buckled up.

"Doing my job by being seen and reminding peopele to wear a seatbelt, of course who knows if 100 yards down the road they might have a terrible crash," Parker says.

A person dies in a car crash every 13 minutes nationwide. That number expected to be even higher this Labor Day weekend, as more people take to the roads. The state patrol predicts 3,682 crashes on Georgia roads, 934 with injuries, and 20 are expected to be fatal.

But troopers say there are ways to prove them wrong.

"Along with seatbelts, obey traffic laws, and drive defensively and it will make for a safe weekend for your family," Parker says. 

State troopers spreading the message to drivers at these road blocks before they head out of town. The importance of seatbelts, something a group of nursing students on the road know all too well.

"It would blow your mind to see what being ejected out of car would do to person...important for people to wear seatbelts," Kim Alexander says.

 If not to save your life, at least to keep you from getting a ticket.

Last year 16 people died on Georgia roads during the Labor Day weekend. It begins at 6  p.m on Friday and runs through Midnight Monday.

South Georgia police and deputies are also taking part in the click it or ticket campaign.

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