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Fire Prevention Week focuses on home safety

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

October 5, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It only takes a simple careless mistake to lose your home to flames. And firefighters are zeroing in on four areas to help you stop that from happening. The first is in the kitchen.

"A lot of times food is left unattended on a stove and that in turn leads to a fire," said Lt. Jared Warren with the Albany Fire Department. Their solution is to never leave the stove unattended. And firefighters stress if a fire starts with children in the home, you need to get out immediately.

Their next warning moves to electronics with overloaded extension cords. " If it overloads it can over heat. They also put it underneath furniture, and a chair leg can pinch the wire and create a spot where it can spark," said Lt. Warren.

Smoking is the leading cause of fire-related death. "Don't fall asleep with the cigarette lit." Smokers need to make sure butts are extinguished correctly. "If you are outside, especially with as dry as it is around here, dump it down on the ground and it starts grass fire," said Warren.

"If you don't discard it in the right container than that container itself can start a fire." And their last warning on candles come right at the time when the number of candle fires spark during the holiday season.

"There has got to be adult supervision always if a candle is burning inside the house. Place it up high, and keep it away from anything combustible: curtains, furniture, flower arrangements," said Warren.

Firefighters say taking the extra time to make sure you follow these tips will not only save your home, but your life.

Families and children are invited to Kids Fire Safety Day at the Albany Civic Center this Wednesday from nine to eleven. More than three thousand Dougherty County school children will be there, but firefighters want private and home schooled children at the event as well.


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