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Valdosta School Board revises bus conduct code

August 27, 2002
by Ashley Harper

Valdosta- Stricter standards of behavior may soon be required of all students riding Valdosta City School buses.

"They might try us, but when they become aware of this new conduct code, I think they'll realize they don't need to push us," said Janeen Josey, Valdosta City Schools Public Relations Director.

Senate Bill 291 requires that each Georgia school have "Comprehensive and specific provisions prescribing and governing student conduct and safety rules on all public school buses." The Valdosta City School system currently uses a very basic conduct code that does not include these specifics.

"Its very generic and simply says if a student doesn't behave, there are certain repercussions that will follow," said Josey.

But the School Board is proposing a new code to meet the guidelines of Senate Bill 291.

New additions to the current policy would prohibit students from acts of violence such as physical or verbal assault or battery of other persons on the school bus, disrespectful conduct towards the school bus driver, and other unruly behavior.

Students will also be prohibited from using any electronic devices during the operation of a school bus, including, but not limited to, cell phones, pagers, audible radios, tape or compact disc players without headphones.

The final addition will prohibit students from using mirrors, lasers, flash cameras or any other lights or reflective devices that may interfere with the driver's ability to operate the bus.

School bus drivers agree with the proposed code of conduct, and say it will make their job much easier.

"It will eliminate distractions on the bus and be a great help in helping bus drivers operate the bus safely," said Doris Callaway, bus driver.

School Board members feel confident the proposed changes will be unanimously approved at their next meeting, providing a safe ride for both students and drivers.

posted at 3:00pm by Ashley Harper

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