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Cheap Friday night family fun

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

October 3, 2008.

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - That 700 billion dollar economic rescue package is now the law.

The House passed it, and the President signed it on Friday.

We'll just have to wait and see whether it reverses the economy's free-fall that is affecting every day life for many of us.

Right now money is tight,  that means it's getting harder to afford some simple Friday night family entertainment.

The movies may be the quintessential Friday night treat. With most of our paychecks going elsewhere these days, who has money for Friday night fun?

But treating the family on a Friday night doesn't have to be expensive.

For a family of four, movie tickets in Albany will cost $20.

The Jones family isn't letting the slow economy keep them at home. They had to pay for six.

"It was $22 dollars which was not too bad for six people going to a movie these days," said Jonathan Jones.

Renting a movie maybe a cheaper option.

We got two of the latest releases for under seven dollars at $6.40.

What if you're not into the movies?

"Normally we catch a high school football game but tonight our hometown team Tifton was up the road a piece," said Jones.

If you're sitting at home on a Friday you can always take the family to a local high school football game.

Lisa Lanier has three kids.

"I'd much rather do this than getting in the car, it's a lot easier and it's not very expensive," said Lisa Lanier.

Tickets for four at the football game $24, and you can get a good deal at the concession stand.

4 drinks and 4 hot dogs would set you back $12. Grand total, roughly $36.

"You pay $6 to get in the have hamburgers and hot dogs, it's just a fun night," said Lanier.

And if you head to a game or do anything outside, right now you can't beat the south Georgia Weather.

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