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Local reaction to VP Debate

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

October 2, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The debate was expected to be perhaps the most watched Vice Presidential debate ever.

Many of you watched it, and we joined a couple of groups of south Georgians at debate-watching parties to get their reactions.

Members of republican party listened attentively as they watch at the local republican headquarters on Slappy Boulevard.

They said Palin held her own, and they're satisfied with her performance on the issues, such as the economy, energy, and foreign relations.

They say Palin can bring her Main Street attitude to Washington, if McCain wins the election.

"The thing I really liked about what she had to say tonight that she wants to bring her Alaskan Main Street experience to Washington and have Washington understand what the people on Main Street are really facing and going through," said David Ray, McCain-Palin Supporter.

"She was just laying it out there she was talking normal anyone who doesn't even follow foreign policy can understand what she's saying she's very clear very direct very to the point," said Kristen Morgan McCain-Palin Supporter.

Predictably, democrats were not so impressed with Governor Palin.

Lisa Love is supporting the democratic ticket and invited friends to her Albany home to watch the debate.

One of the main issues they thought was key in the upcoming election is foreign policy.

They didn't think Palin covered it like Joe Biden did.

"I think her explanation of her being familiar with foreign policy based on being close to Russia in proximity...I don't think she's as knowledgeable as she needs to be," Taryn Thomas, Obama-Biden Supporter.

"I was also glad to hear them talk about some of the things they're going to do with foreign policy, I don't think they spoke enough on foreign policy," said Lisa Love, Obama-Biden Supporter.

Thursday's debate was the first and last vice presidential debate.

The next Presidential debate will be Tuesday from Nashville, Tennessee.


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