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South African gymnasts learn routines and southern hospitality

October 2, 2008

Albany - South Georgia is gaining an international reputation for gymnastics.

Five members of the Durban, South Africa YMCA gymnastics team has been in Albany for the last week.

These kids raised the money themselves to pay for their trip where they have not only got a chance to train in bigger gyms and better equipment.

They also have had a chance to visit places like the Albany Civil Rights Museum and the Flint River Riverquarium.

The gymnasts and their coaches have also learned first hand about southern hospitality in receiving a warm welcome from south Georgians.  

 Albany YMCA executive director Dave Wallace said "We try to give them things that balance out the gym part with some of the things they can learn more about our part of the world."

Gymnast Kealan Anderson said "The only time we have been there (home) is the morning and we leave and when we come back to sleep because we have been so active."  

The Durban YMCA gymnasts will visit the Moultrie YMCA gymnastics facility Friday.

The return to South Africa on Tuesday.

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