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Decatur County applies for money to help with Fay damage

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

October 2, 2008

DECATUR COUNTY, GA (WALB) - Some south Georgia counties are still recovering from Tropical Storm Fay almost six weeks after the storm hit. Fay dumped more than 20 inches of rain in Decatur County and shut down 25 roads.

One of the most heavily damaged roads just reopened this week. Now, the county is applying for a grant to help pay for the repairs.

Wautauga Road opened Monday morning. It was completely wiped out during the storm. No one lives on this stretch of the road, but there is a church. And it's an important connector route for daily commuters from Grady County.

That's why County officials had to act immediately.

"We had to close it completely off and put big pipes in here to help catch the water," says Billy Leverette, Decatur Co. Roads Superintendent.

Water flowed down from a 25 acre pond and the excess water had no where to go.

The huge 8 feet in diameter water culverts were put in place underneath the road last month, so that what happened during Tropical Storm Fay won't happen again.

And Repairing the roads was an expensive task.

"These pipes alone cost 28 thousand dollar," says Leverette.

"We've applied for FEMA relief in the amount of $500,000  to help replace the cost that we've had to expend to fix these roads," says County Administrator Tom Patton.

The County also applied for a $50,000 dollar grant with the Department of Community Affairs.

"We feel confident that we'll get those and that will really help, you know 1/2 million dollars is a lot of money in these economic times," says Patton.

Money taxpayers need.

"It's going to be very important to help the citizens and help the taxpayers of Decatur County to have some help to off set some of the costs that we've had," says Leverette.

All county officials can do now is wait for the money. Meanwhile Wautaga Road's repairs are almost complete. It lacks pavement and a guardrail. Workers anticipate completing the project in two weeks.

Decatur County officials estimate Tropical Storm Fay cost them close to 750 thousand dollars. Feedback

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