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South Georgians angry about bailout

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

October 2, 2008


The 700 billion dollar financial industry bailout was the hot topic of conversation in South Georgia today. WALB News Ten talked to several people in Albany Thursday, none of whom had confidence that Washington's rescue legislation would help the South Georgia tax payer.

The lunch diners at Pearly's in Albany are not in favor of the bailout.

Eula Rupert said "I don't know much about Washington. But where I come from in South Georgia, usually before you can get bailed out, you have to be in jail."

Every person we talked with thought Wall Street should not be calling on taxpayers to clean up their disaster.

Steve Johnson said "They should not be able to get these golden parachutes, making these millions, when you got families being thrown out in the streets."

Amy Boney said "Knowingly making bad decisions, but willing to take the risk. That's a natural consequence when you take a risk, is to lose."

James Bray said "They didn't handle their own money this time, what makes you think they are going to handle it this time."

But most of these South Georgians put just as much blame on legislators, and don't trust a Washington rescue plan.

 John High said "I think they should take that paper and put it in every Senator and Congressman's office up there. Put it in the bathroom where they can use it and read it while. Think about that."

Do you trust the politicians to come up with what's needed? Mike Carns said "Woo. Laughter. I guess we have to. We don't have any choice."

 Larry Hyman said "No I don't trust them. Because none of them really had a job. They always been on the government payroll. None of them ever had to earn a dollar in their life."

But all these South Georgians know this bailout legislation will affect their lives.

Rupert said "What we've got in stock markets, it's going down, down, down. And we were counting on that for our income to live off of the rest of our lives."

South Georgians angry, knowing this bailout bill will directly affect every American.

The Senate passed a bill Wednesday night. The House is scheduled to vote Friday.


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