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Government Complex may be named for employee

August 26, 2002

Albany - The decision to name the new government complex after the man who desegregated the Albany work force is now in the hands of the Dougherty County commission.

Monday, a subcommittee recommended the commission name the new complex on Pine Avenue after Johnny Johnson. Johnson won a federal desegregation order against the city in 1976, changing the hiring practices of the city forever.

Now his son, Yaz Johnson, wants a building named in honor of his father. Subcommittee members asked Yaz how he felt about naming a room in the building after his father. "That would be a slap in the face," said Yaz. "My father made a important change in this city. He deserves more than a room with a new plate above the door."

The entire commission will vote on the issue. Currently, no county buildings are named after people.

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