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Six Sale City officials resign

August 26, 2002

Mitchell County - Six Sale City officials, including the mayor and police chief, resign from office. The city has only three councilmen left, but no one to call the shots.

It's business as usual in this small South Georgia town, except one thing, Sale City is lacking council members. Resident, Mitch Marchant, says, "Everybody knows everybody. Everybody knows everybody's business and most of them try to tend to it."

It's the talk of the town. Marchant laughs, "More or less the talk of the county." In the past few weeks, the mayor, police chief, a police officer, city clerk and two councilmen resigned. Marchant adds, "I guess the mayor, council, police were all fed up with it. With the council meetings, some of the councilmen and councilwomen."

There's three councilmen left in office, an assistant city clerk and a mayor pro-temp will watch over the city of 319 people. Sale City Attorney Tommy Coleman says, "They certainly can go ahead make sure water system works and public safety procedures are in place. It's not a crisis in any sense."

Sale City will have a special election in November for a mayor and two councilmen, then those elected can fill in the other empty seats. Life will go on, except City Hall will be a little quieter until election time.

Coleman says the Mitchell County Sheriff's office will help Sale City with public safety. A meeting will be held tomorrow evening at 4:30 to discuss a special election. Whoever wins the election will be sworn in immediately.

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