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Peanut virus could be worse than last year

August 26, 2002

Albany--  A deadly virus infecting Georgia's peanut crop could be getting worse.

University of Georgia agronomists are surveying the state's peanut crop for the disease. The virus is a major problem that could be even more devastating to this year's harvest.

UGA Agronomist John Beasley says, "It does look in our initial research trials that the tomato spot wilt virus is much more severe this year than last despite growers doing all they can to help alleviate the problem."

County extension agents, with the help of UGA scientists, are surveying selected fields across the state for the disease.  UGA Agronomist John Beasley hopes the survey will shed more light on just how much of this year's peanut crop is infected.

The virus is also damaging some of the tobacco crop, with as much as 15 percent of Georgia's tobacco crop believed to be infected or dead.

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