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Dougherty star heading to Maine

August 25, 2002

Dougherty High star Alexander Johnson is on his way to Maine where he hopes to meet the N.C.A.A. academic requirements to attend the University of Georgia next fall.

Alexander Johnson leaves South Georgia on Thursday to travel to Bridgton, Maine where he will attend Bridgton Academy.

Johnson hoped to be attending classes at the University of Georgia this fall but still needs a qualifying score on the college entrance exam and he has to pass a high school science graduation class. '

By attending a prep school, Alexander will not lose a year of eligibility and he will also play for the school's basketball team.

 Maine is a long way from south georgia but Alexander believes getting away from home may help focus on achieving his goal of becoming a Georgia Bulldog.

Alexander Johnson said "I'm ready to go. I am ready to get out of Albany right now anyway.  There is not too much for me to do anyway besides get into trouble or play a little ball.  So, I am ready to go to Maine." 

Alexander Johnson says he is scheduled to take the high school science test next month.