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"Fireproof" blazes to number four at the box office

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

September 29, 2008


ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Sherwood Baptist Church's third movie "Fireproof" is one of the hottest movie tickets in the country.

The movie ranked fourth nationwide at the box office this weekend. That's better than their last movie, "Facing the Giants," which debuted at number 12. More than 900,000 people saw the movie on just 839 screens in 49 states. That made the movie second for per screen average turnout nationwide. Those responsible for the movie are thrilled at the response.

It's one of the hottest movie tickets in the nation. Every "Fireproof" showtime after six Friday and Saturday sold out at Albany's Wynnsong Cinemas. It came in fourth in nationwide sales.

"The movies that were above us were in so many more theaters but our per screen average was second in the nation so, we're thrilled," said Stephen Kendrick, "Fireproof" Co-writer/Producer.

The success over the weekend will mean the movie co-written and produced by Stephen Kendrick will likely expand to more screens.

"We're looking at potentially expanding it into Canada but then also expanding it to more theatres across the U.S. so it's very exciting," said Kendrick.

Exciting that the message the church wanted to get out, is doing just that.

"We want to save marriage in America. If we can lower the divorce rate by one percent point it will affect a million children across the nation," said Kendrick. It's a message that's playing well to audiences of all ages, including Sherwood High School students who got a special screening Monday.

"I went through a really bad divorce with my family so it was something I could relate to as my father being the head of my household I guess, and having to go through stuff like that," said Kayla Griffin, a Sherwood Christian Academy.

"I don't want to end up like my parents did having divorced, that's just not something I want for my kids or anyone else really, Michael Acord, a Sherwood Christian Academy.

"It can apply not only to marriages but in the way you love and treat your friends, the people around you," said Kaitlyn Spencer, a Sherwood Christian Academy.

"Facing the Giants" spent 17 weeks in theaters, creators hope Fireproof will burn longer than that.

Fireproof made an average of $8,120, that's only slightly behind the number one movie, Eagle Eye, that had four times as many screens and cost 160 times as much to make.


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