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Transplant survivors become mentors

August 24, 2002

by Jocelyn Maner

Albany- Some transplant survivors are learning how to help future recipients cope and survive the agonizing wait for an organ.

Volunteers come from all over Georgia, and they have one thing in common. They have all had organ transplants.

Now, they are learning how to mentor people who are currently waiting to receive transplants.

Many say this program helps many people realize they do have support. Jamie Jimmerson had a liver transplant in November of 1996.

She says even though the mentoring program was not in place then, she feels it is her duty to help others.

Blakely Humber says having Jimmerson as her mentor helped her see the light, when darkness began to engulf her life. These transplant survivors are learning the skills they need, to be responsible and nurturing supporters of people who are trying to get to the other side of their mountains.

The mentoring program started in 1996. The program not only helps patients deal with emotional issues, but it also helps them find a way to handle the overwhelming costs of organ transplants.

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