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Robert's Rant: Georgia's youth exposed by Crimson Tide

September 29, 2008

  Monday morning quarterbacks around the state are all trying to dissect what happened to the Georgia football team Saturday night in the first half against Alabama.

Also I am trying to wonder if the end is near with Vanderbilt leading the SEC eastern divsion and ESPN Gameday coming to Nashville for the matchup we have waited for since July--
Auburn at Vanderbilt.

First, the Crimson Tide came to Athens with an excellent game plan and their players executed it to perfection.

Second, a young Georgia football team was exposed.

It a top ten matchup with a national spotlight, a young Bulldog football team blinked under the pressure with mistake after mistake in the first half.

Robert, how can Georgia be ranked preseason #1 and be so young?

Look at their offensive line with two freshman starting and two sophomores and a junior who is a junior college transfer.

Georgia is also missing sophomore left tackle Trinton Sturdivant and will get fullback Brannon Southerland back in the lineup for the Tennessee game.

Those two players are just as important to the Georgia running game as Knowshon Moreno.

Alabama saw how their offense struggled when Andre Smith did not play against Tulane.

Sturdivant is Georgia's Andre Smith.

The silver lining is all of these young players are very good and getting taken to the woodshed by Alabama is a good thing.

There is no longer pressure of winning a national championship and staying undefeated.

This young football team can get back to the business of going out and playing football with the knowledge they are not Supermen.

From what I have seen, Georgia , no matter how young, still has the best team in the SEC East and are good enough to win the rest of their games.

Something that may happened since I believe Alabama gave Georgia a slice of humble pie that may light a fire under this Bulldog team just like their coach did at the end of the 2007 season.


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