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Liquor referendum fails in Dooly County

August 23, 2002

Tens of thousands of vehicles pass thru Dooly County everyday on Interstate 75. But there are very few restaurants.

Why? Some commissioners and county leaders think it's because they can't sell alcohol at exits like the Georgia 27 exit, just outside the city limits of Vienna.

"Lot of opportunity here in Dooly County," Economic Development Director Bob Jeter said. "Most of the interstate hasn't been developped yet."

To say Dooly County is evenly divided on whether restaurants like these along I-75 should be able to sell alcohol is an understatement, the issue failed by just 5 votes in Tuesday's election.

"Little surprised at how close it was," commissioner Terrell Hudson said. "My constituents have always told me in past they didn't want to see liquor by the drink sales in the unincorporated area."

Despite the vote of 384 to 379 not much of a campaign was put up by people for or against pouring licenses. They are available in Vienna and Unadilla, but no one has them.

Still a majority of commissioners decided to put the issue on the ballot to see if they could get public support, looking down the road to future development..

"Make sure if we did have somebody come and inquire we'd already know," Jeter said. 

Now, by law, liquor by the drink sales will be tabled for at least two years.

Even though the issue was decided by less than one percent, there will not be a recount. Those election laws apply only to elected officials and not referenda.

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