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Lowndes United Way celebrates "Day of Caring"

August 23, 2002

by Ashley Harper

Valdosta - Children's laughter echoes through the park at Wild Adventures as hundreds of volunteers partner with the United Way to celebrate a "Day of Caring."

"Its a day where we get some kids who might need a little extra attention and make them feel special for the day," said Jim Godbee, Campaign Chairman.

Busloads of excited youngsters unloaded at the park this morning and paired with more than 600 volunteer mentors from area businesses. They spent the fun-filled day riding roller coasters, visiting exotic animals, and learning that they do have positive mentors who care about their futures.

"Me and Jemacey are going to ride some rides and just have a good time together," said Jack, local volunteer.

Lowndes County started the Day of Caring five years ago with about 200 volunteers visiting United Way agencies to work on needed repairs. Now, four years later, the number of volunteers has almost tripled.

"We feel like its the best in the country because we really have a great celebration that's fun for the kids," said Godbee. "We have a tremendous turnout which says a lot about our community."

Volunteers from over 50 local businesses donated time, money, items, and employees to make this an extra special day for the kids.

"The kids are our future and we feel like if we've made the slightest difference in their life, we've accomplished what we came to do," said Augustus Meadows, local volunteer.

And when the long day ends, these volunteers can rest assured they made a difference in a child's life and played a big part in the United Way's 2003 theme - "Making Dreams Come True."

posted at 3:30 by Ashley Harper

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