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Pelham promotes golf carts for transportation

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

September 26, 2008

PELHAM, GA (WALB) - People living in Pelham have a new option for getting around town. And it's saving them money. The city adopted a Small Vehicle Ordinance in August.

Now riding around in golf carts is becoming a trend. Pelham is going "green" and saving a few bucks.

It's not something you see in every town: Golf carts replacing cars on the streets. But in the town of Pelham, that's exactly what you'll see.

"It's just fun as a couple, being together. It's different...relaxing, " says Lenora and John Butler.

The Butler's bought their golf cart last year for use on their farm. Now they take it around town.

"We enjoy just getting out and riding through town. Visiting and going to the grocery store picking a few items up and saving gas that way," says the Butlers.

Residents aren't the only ones saving money. Businesses and City workers are also jumping on the golf carts.

"We're going to put the meter reader in a golf cart. We're already utilizing a golf cart in our sewage department, and we have more ordered for the other departments to cut down on fuel costs," says the City Manager Doug Westberry.

Police use golf carts and electric bicycles to cut costs, and to give them a leg up when on patrol.

"We had one out for about 5 minutes, and we made one arrest," says Police Chief Nelie McCormick.

The ordinance went into effect August 28th, and the trend is quickly catching on.

"Immediately once we adopted the ordinance, we had people signing up and getting registered at the police department," says Mayor Steven Turner.

"They bring the golf cart to the police station. It's inspected, and a card is issued, which is a small permit."

There are three main requirements for your golf cart. A windshield, rear view mirror, and brake lights, and you're good to go.

Turner Eubanks is the manager at a Hardware store in Pelham.  He started ordering golf carts as soon as he heard about the ordinance.

"It gives us a new business to be in. It's different from what we've been doing, and so it should add some business. It has a little so far," says Eubanks.

Golf carts aren't allowed on State highways, only on the city streets. A perfect way to save money, help the environment, and enjoy a beautiful day outside.

Only licensed drivers can operate a golf cart or other low speed vehicle on public streets. Permits for the carts cost 15 dollars. Feedback

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